Split Unit Air Conditioners
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Split Unit Air Conditioners

Welcome to SplitUnit.org! On our site you will find reviews of some of the most prominent manufacturers and distributors of split unit air conditioners in the world. You will get advice on what kind of air conditioning might be most appropriate for your situation, and you will learn about any possible pitfalls before you buy!

Basic uses of split unit air conditioners

Split unit air conditioners, also termed split unit HVAC, can be designed as central air conditioners in homes, apartment buildings, and offices, their most common uses are in air conditioning individual spaces, such as air conditioning individual rooms in houses, air conditioning apartment rooms, air conditioning small offices and also for air conditioning hotel rooms and motel rooms. In these latter cases, the split unit AC are called "ductless mini split units."

The basic idea of split unit air conditioners

The basic idea behind split unit air conditioning is simple: by separating the inside, cooling, unit from the outside, heating unit, one saves the indoor space and at the same time moves the loudest parts of the split unit air conditioner system outside. The result is an all around comfortable experience indoors with cool air and quietude.

The main components of split unit air conditioning

There are three main components in split unit ductless air conditioning systems, the outside unit, the inside unit, and the connecting conduit with refrigerant hoses and control cables.

The outside unit in split unit systems is also known as the compressor. Its role is to compress the incoming refrigerant and deposit its heat to the outside air.

The inside unit in split unit AC is known as the evaporator. The refrigerant is allowed to evaporate and expand, thereby cooling down significantly. The warmer air from the room is blown over the refrigerated coils and that cooled air is then allowed to enter the room.

The connecting refrigerant hoses are guided through a small 2-3 inch hole in the wall from the inside unit to the outside unit. The same conduit is also used for an electrical wire used to control the outside unit.

Speaking of control, the inside unit will typically either be manually operated, and more commonly be operated via a remote control.

The advantages of the split unit AC system

It just so happens that the evaporation and cooling part of the split unit AC system can be made to be very quiet while the compressing part can not be made as quiet. Let's see how that compares a split unit AC with other possible types:

  • Compared with single hose portable indoor unit, a mini split AC will be more energy efficient, and much quieter. Also the space needed for indoor installation is much smaller with the split unit AC. For instance, the inside unit of the mini split system can be installed just above the window, taking up none of the precious window surface, and none of the floor space.

  • Compared with the dual hose portable indoor unit, the issue of loud noise still persists with the dual hose portable unit. The dual hose portable units are much more energy efficient than the single hose, yet still no match to split unit air conditioning system. And, the dual hose portable unit takes up precious window surface for the intake and the exhaust hose, and takes up precious floor space.

  • Compared with the through-the-wall AC or window AC units, split unit AC requires much less of a structural change to the wall. Instead of placing the entire air conditioner into the wall, only a small three inch hole needs to be drilled. Also, the noise issue is still there with the through-the-wall unit as the compressor part is built into the unit.

  • Finally, compared with the central, or ducted air conditioning system for the house, the split unit AC system is better controllable. You are able to control the air in each room separately, therefore saving money on your electric bill.

So, by choosing split unit air conditioners, you are on the right track. Check out the other pages on the site to find out more details split unit systems, and how you can purchase a split unit AC quickly.