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Alen Corporation AMS09 Split Air Conditioner With 14.5 SEER   24000 2 Ton BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Unit AC System Heat Pump    Sanyo 26tw72r 24400 BTU Single Zone Ceiling Suspended Ductless Split System With DC Inverter   Sanyo 26xhw72r 24800 BTU Single Zone Ceiling Recessed Ductless Split System

Mini Split Unit

Mini split unit will be ideal for controlling and air conditioning a single space, like a single room. They can be also a part of a "multi zone" mini split air conditioning system, and can be designed as reversible mini split units, or mini split unit heat pumps.

Mini split air conditioning units come in a variety of types. The most popular mini split AC unit types are: Wall mini split units, ceiling suspended mini split units, and ceiling recessed ductless mini split systems.

Wall mini split units

These are the most common mini split units installed today. Many are designed as reversible heat pumps, so they are capable of heating the space as well as cooling it. A very popular wall mounted mini split unit is Amvent's 24000 BTU ductless mini split AC unit system and heat pump, pictured above. Besides being a bestseller at Amazon, it also comes with great customer testimonials. The buyers report the ease of installation through the Amvent's "Quick Install" system. The best part is that even though self-installation was not recommended by the manufacturer, the buyers were able to accomplish it flawlessly. This Amvent mini split AC unit has a relatively high 13.5 SEER seasonal energy efficiency rating, and is using the pre-charged DuPont R410A coolant. It features a Toshiba outdoor condenser unit, a smart LED display that can be completely turned off if desired. The unit is highly flexible in delivering the cooled air, it features swinging/oscillating louvers setting for that. Also, a quiet sleep mode will come in handy at night. No wonder this unit is a bestseller at Amazon. When you are there, be sure to check out the excellent buyers reviews as well.

If a 24000 BTU unit is too much for your room, you may want to go with the 12000 BTU unit by the same manufacturer, also available through this link, with glowing Amazon customer reviews. Amazon customers love the quiet operation of the split unit, and the quality of the installation instructions, making it easy to self-install for many folks.

Another bestseller at Amazon is Alen Corporation AMS09 Split Air Conditioner With 14.5 SEER rating, pictured above. Quite possibly, the attractive price and extremely high energy efficiency contribute to the popularity of this mini split unit. Not only will you save money when purchasing, due to its high SEER rating you will save money every time you use it. Here is the link with more details about this mini split unit. This is a cooling unit only, it will not provide the heating.

Other wall mini split units include models by Klimaire, Mitsubishi Electric's Mr. Slim, Friedrich, Toyo and Sanyo. You can check these air conditioners and heat pumps through this link.

Ceiling suspended split unit air conditioners

One of the most popular ceiling-suspended mini split unit air conditioners is the Sanyo 26TW72R 24,400 BTU Single Zone Ceiling-Suspended Ductless Split System with DC Inverter, pictured above. This unit acts as a cooler only although similar ceiling-suspended units are available as heat pumps, allowing for heating of the space as needed also. Compared with ceiling recessed and even wall mounted units, ceiling suspended unit has the advantage of a more naturally flowing air flow. Here is the link to more technical information at Amazon.

Ceiling recessed mini split unit systems

Ceiling recessed mini split unit systems are not unlike the ceiling suspended mini splits but they are installed into the ceiling itself. The inflow of air is from the middle while the outflow is directed in four directions and down. These units feature whisper quiet operation as the louder part of the unit, the evaporator, is recessed into the ceiling. The only thing you can hear is the sound of the air flowing in and out of the unit.

A representative example of a ceiling recessed mini split unit is Sanyo 26XHW72R Single Zone Ceiling Recessed Ductless Split System that features 4-way flow system. It will also act as a heat pump, thereby heating the room when needed. You can find this unit and more technical details by clicking here.